At SIRE we want the relationships with our customers to last. We are interested in maintaining long term, loyal relationships. This perspective means the point in time that a customer purchases a chiller is the beginning of a relationship, not the end.
We're committed to providing our clients with customized industrial refrigeration equipment that meets their unique needs.

Trust SIRE to deliver reliable, efficient, and tailored refrigeration equipment that meets your exact specifications.

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SIRE was established in 1987, it has an extensive experience in cooling water systems in all types of industries. Right now we have the ability to build six types of monoblock refrigerator systems from SH, SHS and SPAR, with condensation by air and ALPHA models, ALPHA SPAR and ALPHA SPS with water condensing.

In addition to these models, the company is prepared to respond to the market with special chiller models for saltwater or naval chillers with titanium condensers, or even evaporators with the same material. It also offers chillers with heat pumps for climatized areas.

All equipments are built with anticorrosion materials, ensuring the placement of the equipment outdoor, and has a strict quality control, planning, production and finishes, which guarantees the client a product of great quality and reliability.

SIRE produces special models for any capacity or scheme, if models of the catalogue do not fit into what is desired, please check with our company for more information. SIRE´s coolers are designed and manufactured according the norms and quality standards, carefully defined and restricted. They are highly efficient chillers and constructed with excellent materials that guarantee that our client gets the equipment with the maximum capacity outlined in the factory, with very high COP(s).

Our chillers are subject to a high control in terms of quality testing and durability.

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  • NH3
  • Ammonia Gas or Refrigerant R717


SIRE, Lda promotes and encourages a Quality Policy taking into account the continuous improvement of its solutions, products, processes and services, with demanding and well defined goals and targets.

This Policy encourages the mobilization and involvement of ALL stakeholders, especially their employees and employees, without exception, instilled with a high professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the means, techniques and processes used.

The establishment of this Policy, aims at the broad satisfaction of all our PARTNERS in a perspective of continuous and constant evolution.

The main directives of this Policy are:

  • Foster and guarantee the satisfaction of our CLIENTS, providing solutions, products and services, innovative and competitive, always seeking to exceed the needs and expectations presented;

  • Communicate in all ways and to all Stakeholders, this same Quality Policy;
  • Promote continuous improvement of our company, particularly our products and services, towards zero defects.
  • Comply with the requirements defined and defined in the Quality Management System (QMS) implemented in the company;
  • Comply with the legislation in force and applicable to the activities provided;
  • Promote the improvement of working conditions, providing the appropriate means to each employee, in order to create an environment conducive to the achievement of the proposed objectives.
  • Responsible for each employee for the Quality of their work, through the knowledge of this policy and the exercise of self-control.
  • Review the organization's performance in order to keep its purpose appropriate.


Top Quality Chillers

SIRE chillers are developed and designed second norms and standards of quality and carefully outlined restricted.
St. chillers with high efficiency, and built with excellent materials, which guarantee to our customers get the most of the equipment outlined in factory capacity, with high COP(s).

Energy efficiency

Energy is often dismissed as an operational cost over which the owner has little control. That perception results in missed opportunities for energy efficiency, and lower electrical bills.

Energy Efficient and Best Software

Sire chiller plant automation intelligently sequences starting of chillers to optimize the overall chiller plant energy efficiency. Our chillers have independent circuits, with compressors working independently. Sophisticated software automatically determines the conditions to run in response to current conditions.

Unit Sizing

Our units are delivered completely assembled, with all power connections and control connections already wired, and refrigerant. They can be installed in roofs, on the ground or other place on a level base. The equipments can be installed indoor since it is guaranteed good ventilation.
Our chillers are subject to a high in terms of quality control, testing, and durability.

Operation and easy handling

The chillers SIRE are easy to control, and are provided with protections mechanical electrical and electronic, with a microprocessor that controls and assistance throughout the service, from the start, control and alarms.
The unit are assembled with a set of safety features, and malfunctions controls, I.e. High pressure switch, low pressure switch.


The structure is built in galvanized steel (or stainless steel, by request), with different thickness (from 1,5 mm to 3 mm) according to final location in the equipment. The machine can be dismantled in its final location, once the parts assembled are tight with screws.
Paint is with polyurethane and epoxy resin.
The equipments are prepared to be placed without weather protection.


Hermetic, alternatives, or screw compressors are carefully chosen by their income and durability.
They are mounted in a absorbing supports to avoid any kind of vibration. SIRE uses a low noise compressor with low vibration operation.


More than in most chillers, these condensers ensure a high degree of transfer coefficient between the refrigerant and air.
Made of copper, with tubes mechanically expanded in aluminium, usually selected for tropical systems.

Water condensers

Extreme efficiency condensers type shell and tube at big capacities and plate for small capacities. Build in stain steel and cooper, or stainless steel and cooper or with tubes in CuNi.


Water to refrigerant heat exchanger Shell and tube type are used in Sire equipments. The heat exchanger got the shell in steel and the tubes are in copper, improving the efficiency of this equipment. A final cover of thermal insulation prevents condensation improves efficiency.

Condensers Fans

The chillers are equipped with 3 phases fans, (6 poles) normally used in exterior, close type IP54 according to DIN 40050 with due protection electric indicated. The fans do not need any maintenance or intervention. Fans enjoy a perfect system designed for a perfect aerodynamic efficiency and a low noise. Each fan is covered with steel guards for protection against contact. The fans are controlled by discharge pressure our by a speed controller, and also (in the small chillers) by the start of the compressor, depending on the type of equipment chosen. The motor is protected by internal Thermal contacts according to VDE 0730.

Protection and devices

The chillers in any of the models, have basic protections for; high pressure and lowpressure devices, oil differential pressostat, anti ice device, phases control (in some models) delay operation relay for the start compressor, part wending start compressors, internal and external thermal protection, crankcase oil heater, and all type of liquid line protections and controls in the refrigeration circuits.

Electrical board

The electrical board is located inside of the unit and contains all the components necessary to control the unit. In this board is also located the unit protections and the electrical connections between the board and the compressors and fans. The client only have to make the main electrical connection (between electrical source and our unit), and the water connections (not included).

Microprocessor based controller

The control performs all operating, protection and alarm functions of the unit. A large number of programmable parameters enable a precise configuration of the controller to meet the requirements of the unit. It's used two main type of control architecture, the μC System architecture and the PCO5 architecture.
The microprocessors are made up of parametric controllers, user interfaces and both local and remote, communication interfaces. The units with PCO5 architecture can be connected in pLAN, allowing communication of data and information.
Both microprocessors can have connected to external data acquisition systems and equipments.

Main Functions
  • P+I control
  • Stepped control in each circuit
  • Control and warnings on component operating hours
  • Preventive operation when starting with high temperatures
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Automatic change over
  • Proportional water/air return and outlet control with timed logic
  • and many more...

Devices Controlled
  • Condensers fans
  • Reversing valve
  • Antifreeze heater
  • Alarm signal device
  • Compressors

Series chiller

A series chiller arrangement is a energy saving strategy, which is possible with our equipments.
It is possible to operate a pair of chiller’s more efficiently in a series chiller arrangement than in a parallel arrangement.

It is also possible to achieve higher entering-to-leaving chiller differentials, which may, in turn, provide the opportunity for lower chilled water design temperature, lower design flow, and resulting installation and operational cost savings.

SIRE provide to our costumer the possibility of cooperation to building all kind of chiller situation by client design and by their demand.

Water Treatment

Dirt, scale, products of corrosion and other foreign material will adversely affect heat transfer between the water and system components. Foreign matter in the chilled water system can also increase pressure drop and consequently, reduce water flow. Proper water treatment must be determined locally, depending on the type of system and local water characteristics. Inadequate water isn't recommended for use in our equipment’s. Their use will lead to a shortened life to an indeterminable degree. We encourage the employment of a reputable water treatment specialist, familiar with local water conditions, to assist in this determination and in the establishment of a proper water treatment program.


With our clients and representatives, we are here now;
With you, we will go further!


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